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If you are a group of more then 6 people, please get in touch and we set up a date for you. 

This 2-hour workshop is an inspirational introduction to the world of plant and natural dye techniques used to create the patterns of ALICE FINE. 

Focus will be on bundle dyeing which is a contemporary natural dye technique that allows for the direct transfer of botanical colours from flowers and other natural materials into fabric.

Workshop is held at ALICE FINE STUDIO in Stockholm/Liljeholmen by founder Karin Bjurström. 


Approximate schedule:

-Intro and quick background of the brand and it’s journey into plant dye. 

-Basic info about natural and plant dyes and different techniques. Tips and tricks + useful reading on the subject will be shared. 

-We analyze and look at patterns together.

-Demonstration of bundle dye. 

-We all bundle dye together! Each participant gets to dye their own scrunchie and bring it home. (Included in price) If you want you can also bring a smaller silk product of your own to dye. 


Class is held in Swedish or English depending on participants.

Number of participants 6-8 people.