ALICE FINE is a Swedish fashion label that believes in a diverse fashion world with the vision of including disciplines from other creative fields. The label has an artistic core, visible through it's collaborations and playful expression.

Starting out as a more conventional fashion label with sustainable focus, the brand has through a side project called DECAY, evolved into only working exclusively with plant- and organic methods of dyeing and now offers a small scale production of hand dyed pieces.

The DECAY project is an ever ongoing study on how to create patterns by copying and evolving biological dyeing techniques. Out of a fascination for nature’s own decay process and a strong will to reduce the use of chemicals in the textile industry, the idea to experiment with natural colors and fermentation techniques was born. By using traditional plant dyes and all kinds of organic materials found in our modern day surrounding, it is possible to create a multiple palette of colors and patterns.

The results are unique, organic patterns, each piece individually hand dyed in the lables Stockholm studio.