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MATERIAL: Silk 100 %

SIZE: Fabric measures around 80x10 cm when straight

PRODUCTION: Tailored and dyed by hand in Stockholm at ALICE FINE STUDIO.

The DECAY project is a study on how to create patterns by copying and evolving biological dyeing techniques. All products are dyed individually by hand, using only natural ingredients. Due to the experimental techniques, each one is unique.


CARE: This colour is wash- and lightfast. All garments have been washed in a gentle washing machine program ahead of being sold.

Due to the delicate dyeing process, we recommend that you wash sparingly and once you do, make it a gentle hand wash using luke warm water, or by suitable machine program. Use a small amount of detergent, preferably for silk, in order to make the colour last even longer. Iron garment with steam.

Natural dyes are light sensitive, so do not store/hang your garment in direct sunlight for a longer period of time, as this may cause some colour to fade. 


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