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Peachy Pink Magic in a Jar - Starter-kit

Peachy Pink Magic in a Jar - Starter-kit

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Explore the beauty of natural dyeing with this beginner-friendly, natural dye starter kit, with guaranteed great result! 

The kit contains a small white silk scarf and all the ingredients you need in order to transform the scarf in vibrant colors. There’s enough dyestuff for a second dye or two. Instructions for dyeing can be found in English and Swedish below “Start-kit/Instructions” at the top menu. 

The recipe comes from the book ”PLANT MAGIC – Batik, Bundle dye och andra tekniker för växtfärgning”.  

Buy the book together with the kit and get a discount at checkout! 


Color: Peachy Pink / Brown 

Content for: ”Magic in a Jar” 


-1 silk scarf, 55x55cm 

-20 g alum for mordanting 

-10 g Madder root, chopped 

-10 g Madder root, powder 

-10 g Walnut, chopped

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