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This summer course is an inspirational introduction to the world of plant and natural dyeing, and how to create patterns!

Focus will be on bundle dyeing, a contemporary technique that allows for the direct transfer of botanical colors from flowers and other natural materials onto fabric. All natural fibers can be dyed. No previous knowledge is required.

The workshop is held online via ZOOM over three sessions during the summer. You will not need to prepare anything or dye during the sessions themselves but rather work on your own, in your own time. A list of plants to use and detailed instructions on how to get started will be provided.

We will use Zoom and each session will be recorded, so that if you can’t make a session you will still be able to catch up on your own! (Recordings to be viewed strictly by the members of this group, of course).

**Session 1: July 5th, 10-11 (CET)**
- Intro and quick background of the brand and its journey into plant dyeing.
- Basic info about fibers, natural dyes, and how to dye.
- Demonstration of how to dye.

**Session 2: July 17th, 10-11 (CET)**
- We analyze and look at patterns together so that you’ll be able to find what you like, and what colors you wish to work with.
- We look into what can be used according to the season.
- Individual guidance for your own project.

**Session 3: August 23rd, 10-11 (CET)**
- We analyze and look at the results of your dyeing, in order to learn how it was created, with what, what you like about it, and what could be improved.
- We discuss the use of “after bath”.
- Time for questions and an Ask Me Anything!


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