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Please note; Each product is made from a bigger piece of fabric and therefore they may vary in color and pattern.

The DECAY project is a study on how to create patterns by copying and evolving biological dyeing techniques. All pieces are dyed individually by hand, using only natural ingredients. Due to the experimental techniques, each one is unique and some color may slightly vary and change over time.



Fabric measures around 70x14 cm when straight 



Silk 100 %



Tailored and dyed by hand in Stockholm at ALICE FINE STUDIO.



Due to the delicate dyeing process, we recommend minimum washing. Should you still need to, make it a gentle hand wash, no more than 37 ºC. We do not recommend to keep product in direct sunlight for a longer period of time.

Of course, using it outside is ok! 


If you have any questions concerning product or shipment, you are welcome to contact